Honors Retreat 2023 group photo
2023 Honors Retreat
2023 Honors Graduate Dinner
2023 Honors Graduate Dinner

University of Evansville Honors Program

The University of Evansville Honors Program offers highly motivated and talented students the opportunity to participate in unique and stimulating academic experiences alongside peers and faculty who share the love of learning and desire to excel.

Accepting students from all majors, the Program provides curriculum which challenges students to maximize their potential in all areas of study and fosters independent thinking. Honors students are known for their passion and collegiality, and they serve as catalysts who propel the University's academic excellence forward.

Participation in the Honors Program is rewarding both in and out of the classroom. Honors classes are interdisciplinary and are taught across the curriculum. The Program also offers a variety of activities which enhance learning, promote camaraderie, and expand the experience students receive at the University of Evansville.